WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 - Maximum power and fast production for big components

WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 is a structural high-end adhesive that was created especially for the GFRP industry (glass fibre reinforce plastic), vehicle manufacturing, façade and boat building.

Using the 380 ml coaxial cartridge with special mixing nozzles, this 2K-adhesive can be handled very easy.

Exothermic reaction and gelling time were created for big components to be pasted smoothly. Even with low temperature, WIKO POWER CRAFT 30 keeps its constant viscosity and can be used the whole year round.



Market Innovation: maximum safety with very easy handling

WIKO Twin Syringe Bayonet 25 ml for 2C adhesives and sealants
New childproof twin syringe for adhesive sales to end-users

Competency in bonding and sealing – for 20 years now GLUETEC has been working according to this motto.

Our customers appreciate us for always developing our range of products. Two-component adhesives require a package that meets the high demands on handling and storage. Additionally, a simple and reliable processing is necessary.

Since there has not been an appropriate solution on the market, GLUETEC developed the WIKO Twin Syringe Bayonet 25 ml further.


Zwillingsspritze 25ml

WELDYX professional 5 – new size 10 ml

WELDYX professional 5 for excellent elongation properties bonding different materials is now also available in the handy size of 10 ml. With this high-end adhesive strong and flexible solutions are possible. Additionally it can be used for bonding nearby food areas.


Weldyx Professional 5 in 10 ml

New to the GLUETEC team

We are happy to welcome four new team members:

Adhesive Engineer Volker Gürth

Product Manager Nils Lang

Graphic Designer Thomas Lutz

Purchase Manager Nikolai Kriebs

We wish all new employees a successful start and are looking forward to a great collaboration.

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GLUETEC headquarter

New fully automatic bottling machine with state oft he art technology

The polish subsidiary WIKO Klebetechnik in Poland has been extended to a total area of 3.000 sqm with new filling machines as well as new production and warehouse halls.

All 2C adhesives and sealants are now filled by fully automatic bottling plants with highest efficiency - over 1000 pieces of the 50ml cartridge can be filled in one hour. One more great advantage of this new machine is also the vacuum filling. Thus WIKO can extend the endurance and store stability of the products significantly. In the nearby future one additional, high-end bottling plant for anaerobic adhesives and CA-adhesives will be implemented here, too. The new machine outfit leads to shorter production times and an enormous speed increase for your orders.

Automatic bottling machine


Under the brand WIKO SUPER GLUE UNIVERSAL GLUETEC is providing a great variety of cyanoacrylate adhesives that can be used universally and multifunctionally for several cases. The new product innovation **WIKO SUPER GLUE U2C **was developed especially for professional repairing, service and maintenance.

WIKO SUPER GLUE U2C is a gap filling, gel, 2C adhesive superglue that is used universally for many materials in the range of metals, plastics and wood.

It is characterized by minor shrinkage, above-average viscosity and the ability of mechanical rework. Thus it is particularly suitable to bond porous materials with adhesive gaps up to 2mm. The gel and viscous texture eases the handling and prevents the draining of the glue – even when used on vertical adherends.


WIKO MS polymer - universal, elastic, process reliable

WIKO MS polymers are convincing due to their universal use in industry and trade. The high temperature resistance enables the usage in ventilation, air-condition and electrical engineering.

Almost any bonding of various composites like glass, metal, aluminium and plastics is possible with solvent-free WIKO MS polymers.

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WIKO anaerobe adhesives - clean, safe, powerful

WIKO anaerobe adhesives are convincing due to various properties. They cure fast, are resistant to temperature, protect against unintentional detaching due to impact or vibration and are easy to dose. On the basis of these properties and their good rheology they can be used in mechanical and apparatus engineering as well as industry.

The WIKO product portfolio provides a variety of anaerobe adhesives for different applications!

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WIKO 2C-epoxy resin-adhesives – fast, stable, universal

WIKO 2C- adhesives and sealants can be used whenever universal bonding of different material combinations is needed. The 2C-epoxy resin adhesives are used in production, assembly and repair, e.g. industrial manufacture and model construction. Also, the 2-component system features a high tensile strength and impact resistance as well as an excellent peel strength and shock resistance. Additionally, it is aging and media resistant.

WIKO provides the 2-component adhesives with different cure speeds and container sizes.

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WIKO cyanoacrylate adhesives - fast, permanent, versatile

WIKO cyanoacrylate adhesives, also known as super glue, are suited for numerous different materials and cure within seconds.

For high demands WIKO provides an extended portfolio of special super glues with different viscosities and curing speed.

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